Site is back up, Brring numbers not quite yet.

The site has been moved to the new server and is up and running.  However, until all the changes flush through the ‘tubes’ you may not yet be able to see it.  It should take less than an for the changes to propagate through the ‘Net.


2 Responses to “Site is back up, Brring numbers not quite yet.”

  1. I’m just curious, as are these other people, about when we’re going to get paid. I’ve already cashed out once in the BEGINNING OF DECEMBER! & I’ve earned enough to cash out again so I did that the other day. I’m hoping there was just a little bookkeeping error or something & that we will get our payments soon. I’m giving you guys the benefit of the doubt that I will get my 2nd payment this time. I’d really appreciate a response on this matter. Jami_says_poo[at]paris[dot]com is my email if anyone else wants to discuss this.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment, some of you multiple times. 😉

    Please see our post re: payments at

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