Catching up on calls

We’re in the process of catching up on all our outstanding ‘Share your Number’ and verification calls.  Sorry for the delays but even gnomes need to sleep.


14 Responses to “Catching up on calls”

  1. ladytrump Says:

    does this effect my number going LIVe cause i activated my number already and did the vociemail setup but when people call me its the operator???

  2. Yes, it is. I’m hoping that with the cooperation of our telephone providers that this will be cleared up today. The telcos don’t move quite as fast as start-ups do. ;-(

  3. jgeiger2006 Says:

    I’m SO glad I found this blog! I have put 3-4 contact requests in and no one had returned any of my questions. I have cashed out on Dec 3rd for $12.95, Dec 21st for $20.05, and again today for $19.25. I was told it would take 4 weeks to process my payment. It has been almost 8 weeks. I also know a number of other members have not received payment from cashouts in november!!! Are you planning on paying anyone? What’s going on? Giving us some info on exactly when all member will get pd just might be good for your business. As of right now I cannot recomend anyone to this site because I’m not sure it’s legit. Please let everyone know what is going on.

  4. mamsagainstscams Says:

    It has been months.I and others have also never been paid.As of today I will be reporting Brring to the Internet Fraud Prevention to be investigated.

  5. mamsaginstscams, et al,

    The popularity of Brring has surpassed our most ambitious estimates and as a result we are a bit overwhelmed.

    One of the goals of a ‘beta’ release is to be a learning experience. One of the things that we have learned is that people are very creative. They are quite good at finding ways to ‘game’ our system. As a result we have had to spend a great deal of time and energy identifying and dealing with abuse of the Brring service. This has taken precious resources away from paying those that are legitimate users of the service.

    I am, by no means accusing you of abuse, I have no knowledge of the particulars of your account, but I felt you, and all our members, deserve to know why things have been delayed.

    As with Life, the people that are trying to abuse a situation are ruining it for everyone. It’s sad but the dark side of human nature extends even to those trying to provide a service to others.

  6. jgeiger2006 Says:

    Fraud runs amuck on ANY online based $ making program. This is not new. Seriously now? How many diff ways can the system be abused? People call the number, listen to an ad, get forwarded to your phone, and you get credited 5 cents. 🙂 I supose people could create a bunch of fake profiles for people, but the phone number has to call in afterwards to get verified before you get credit, so your’re not losing $ on fake profiles….

    I feel like you are focusing all your efforts on getting better servers to get more member and have forgotten about paying the ones who have been here for 3 months

  7. Yeah, seriously. I cashed a few checks out over a month ago. At least give us an email confirmation or something. Just leaving us in the dark is a good way to tick people off and make this great idea fail

  8. howdoesbrringsellads Says:

    Is brring able to sell enough advertising to pay for all of these calls? It would seem that if brring can’t pay, it would say that there is a limit per user. How and where does brring sell it advertising?

  9. @jgeiger

    Oh, you would be amazed at the lengths people will go to to earn a $0.05. And the stories they cook up to explain it, priceless! I should write a book.

    @et al…
    We are focusing our energies on providing a stable service for people to use. If the service doesn’t work when someone dials your Brring number nobody wins. This is ‘Job 1’ for us.

    We have not been great at providing feedback to folks that have requested cash-outs. We recognize that and apologize for it. On of our development efforts is to improve the feedback to folks during the redemption process.

  10. I’m just curious, as are these other people, about when we’re going to get paid. I’ve already cashed out once in the BEGINNING OF DECEMBER! & I’ve earned enough to cash out again so I did that the other day. I’m hoping there was just a little bookkeeping error or something & that we will get our payments soon. I’m giving you guys the benefit of the doubt that I will get my 2nd payment this time. I’d really appreciate a response on this matter. Jami_says_poo[at]paris[dot]com is my email if anyone else wants to discuss this.

    Beta or not, you cannot run a service without actually doing what was promised. A few kinks are expected, but over 2 months with no response is absurd.

  11. Thanks for taking the time to comment, some of you multiple times. 😉

    Please see our post re: payments at

  12. whenever i try to verify my private phone number, it rings once then disconnects.. no matter how fast i am on the pickup.
    just wondering when the “click here to verify your private phone number” feature might be operational. also, just out of curiosity, (i’ve only been a member for a day) has this feature ever worked during this beta period?

    great service.. keep up the good werk!

  13. The frauders should be obvious the ones with huge checks comming. How bout us little people with 5 or 6 10 dollar payments waiting and waiting . What good does it do u to beef up a system to work better if no one will use it cause ya didn’t pay ………. u need to think of it from the little people that do the leg work to make u u r business point of view . Noone gives a hoot about ringtones and crap if they not getting paid just made to look like a fool !!!!!!!!!!

  14. vulcan1234 Says:

    Yea… much fraud can there be from $0.05 per phone call. Regardless….the caller has to listen to the ad and pay for the phone call. Fake profiles require the person to call back….how many times can that be done. Plus you guys have been working on some many other little things on this site when all the energy should be on just paying people.

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