We’re almost there…

We completed the transition of all our Brring numbers to the new server last night.  This means that all calls placed since that time will be posted and credited to your account.  Our next priority is to post credits for the calls that were placed between Friday morning and yesterday; all the data about these calls exists, just not in the right place yet.

Now that we are settling into our new home I can cover some of the improvements it affords:

  • Increased capacity – We should be able to handle at least 4 times the load of our previous home.
  • Improved call quality – We have removed the ‘internet hop’ that all our calls had to traverse.  We are now about 10 feet from our telco providers so network latency and other network ‘variables’ have been all but eliminated.
  • Touch Tone recognition improved –  Many of you have experienced problems with the recognition of ‘Touch Tones’.  For example, during the verification call the first step is to ‘Press 1 to continue…’.  A large percentage of calls failed at this point despite you having mashed the 1 button as hard as your finger can endure.  An updated version of our phone software greatly improves on it’s ability to recognize those tones.
  • A source of ‘Unplanned outages’ was identified and eliminated – During the transition process a corrupted database file was discovered and rebuilt.  This particular file controlled the flow of calls and would occasionally cause our phone software to ‘go ballistic’ and refuse incoming calls.

That’s all great stuff but I know what’s on the mind of many of you — “What about my custom ringtones?”.  Great question and I have good news — they are coming back!   Stay tuned later this week for an announcement.

Thanks for using Brring!


4 Responses to “We’re almost there…”

  1. Just thought I’d let ya’ll know that none of my friends or families’ brring #’s are working properly. You can call the number and it goes through the whole thing like its working but it NEVER ACTUALLY rings at the person’s home. When is this going to be resolved. I have given everyone this new number now and they are unable to reach me….which is not good. Someone please get back to me on this brandi.bellamy@gmail.com thanks

  2. Brandi,

    Thanks for letting us know about this problem.

    If you could please send an email to comments@brring.com with the Brring numbers of the folks that are not working we’ll get right on it!

  3. It’s problem enough to not have the numbers work! But then to not even get paid for it, that’s pretty ridiculous. What irritates me most is that I have sent 3 emails & I’ve been waiting patiently. No payment, no response. The least you guys could do is to send me some sort of lame excuse or something.

    Please contact me at: Jami_says_poo[at]paris[dot]com

  4. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    Please see our post re: payments at https://brring.wordpress.com/2008/02/05/whats-up-with-payments/

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