Call credits posted

Rewards for calls made during our server transition (last Friday through this Monday) have been posted.  Hurray!

Sorry for the delay in getting these posted; thanks for your continued patience!


4 Responses to “Call credits posted”

  1. breakaway11 Says:

    Thanks a bunch!!!! I was happy to see an update!!

    What’s the word on payments? I know I have seen some people bashing you guys because they haven’t received checks.

  2. It’s lovely that the calls have been posted, but I’m very curious about when we will get paid. Very frustrating for everyone to have to listen to ads if we’re not going to get paid. Can you guys at least make up some lame excuse, for why I still havent received my payment that I requested in early December.

    I can be reached at Jami_says_poo[at]paris[dot]com if anyone has anything to say about this. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    Please see our post re: payments at

  4. vulcan1234 Says:

    hmmmmm…..not getting paid is much more fustrating. I read the post on payments but nothing has changed.

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