What’s up with payments?

Time for some mea culpa…

As those of you who have been following along here know we have been experiencing tremendous growth; far above our expectations. We are startup with seriously constrained resources (hey, gnomes may be small but have you seen how much they eat!?!) so there is only so many things we can do at a time. Our payment process has been a victim of resource starvation.

Many of you have taken the time and energy to post your feelings about our less than stellar redemption service; guilty as charged. Thank you for sharing with us.

We made a consious decision to focus our efforts on stablizing the service and restoring those functions that we know are important to you, such as ringback tones. What we failed to do was to share that decision with you and set your expectations. Our bad. This blog is a communication channel that we plan to use much more in the future.

Now that the bulk of our stability and scalability problems are behind us we are shifting resources back to the redemption and customer service roles. Many of you have likely received an email from our support folks recently; we have cleared, or responded to, several hundred support tickets in the last few days. We still have a pretty big pile to go through but we’ll clear them all.

Now to payments…

Let me say this in the clearest way possible: Everyone will get what is due to them. Our accounting gnome (you know, the one with the green eye shade) has rededicated himself to clearing the backlog. There are still several manual steps in the redemption process and those take time to execute. Folks will be paid in the order in which the redemption requests were placed. We know that some of you are beyond our 25 day processing window and we apologize for that. We are doing what we can to get things back on track.

Please don’t think that any of us here at Brring are lining our pockets with gold. Just to give you a window into the life of a startup we had left-over Chinese food for dinner at our staff meeting last night. Livin large on ‘nuked Peking Duck — yummy.

We’re building this thing in-flight, that’s why we’re still calling it a beta. Sure there are warts, but we believe in the concept and we’re here to stay. We truly do appreciate your patience; thanks for sticking with us.


21 Responses to “What’s up with payments?”

  1. corycubed Says:

    Hey appreciate the update! Keep up the good work, and don’t let the angry ones get to you, remember humans are creatures of emotion and will get angry before they stop and think logically about whats going on.

  2. breakaway11 Says:

    Yes, thank you for an update… that’s all most of us needed… I am one of those ones who’ve been posting regarding payments, and I am glad to hear it addressed. Sure, some may get mad and leave, but that frees up resources for those wanting to still use this service and earn some money.

    Thanks a bunch!!!

  3. Thank you so much for keeping us posted! Reading this makes me feel much better about using & telling people about this service. I understand that it’s only a beta & it’s hard to keep up with everything.. :] just glad to have been updated with the delays & upcoming stuff…


  4. Any update as to when the payments will start rolling in?

  5. mommy2three Says:

    Any update on the payments? I have seen a few people that have received checks from November back at the end of January. I have requests going back to the middle of December and still nothing. I have sent a couple customer service emails just asking and haven’t received anything back as of yet. I have requested payment a few times now and almost have enough to request again, but I am feeling like I won’t see that. I know $50 is not a lot of money to some but it is a decent amount to me.

  6. When are they being sent out? I still ahve not recieved my first payment from december
    Dec 12, 2007 Redeemed points Redemption $-23.90
    and i get no response whatsoever when i contact customer service

  7. I redeemed my points more than a month ago and still have not received payment OR even the email that was supposed to let me know that it had even been sent out yet! Can someone please contact me and let me know when I can expect to get it. It seems like we’re doing all the promoting for your businesses without us ever getting anything in return. All my friends and family that are signed up with Brring are going to stop using the service if payments are not received promptly. Someone please get back to me on this ASAP. Thanks for you time.

  8. fletchforce Says:

    I do understand Brring’s side of the story but I also understand the advertising world very well.That being said, Brring should be able to cover costs or change it’s legal language pronto! I also understand that it is just “a poor lil ol’ startup”….but I also see the potential of the business and can only assume that the price Brring charges these companies to advertise on our lines is ever increasing with our usage of the service. Point? My point is this…chill with the excuses and pay up b4 you ruin what could be a great idea!

  9. I could not agree more!!! Been telling them the same thing for months now .

  10. fletchforce Says:

    Did they really say “we are going to focus on what we know is important…the ringback service” ??? I don’t think anyone on this blog truly cares about the ringback service at all…..Brring needs to stop offering this “great service” the numbers work about half the time and no one gets paid…..

  11. WOW! I finally got my check from back in december! there is hope people!!!

  12. jennyfair24 Says:

    Has anyone else received payment yet?

  13. vulcan1234 Says:

    I haven’t…..wykyd, did they send you an email?

  14. I did get my first $(ed: removed amount) from November, still waiting on 2 other cash outs at over $(ed: removed amount) combined. While I admit I am no marketing guru, I do have a suggestion. Instead talking about the gnomes (we don’t care, you said you would pay and we expect to be paid) why not change the future terms of referrals to 50 cent each instead of $1 each. Change it as of say 3-15-08 Of course pay what you said you would at $1 for those that are already owed. I do not mean that you should cut them. You will pay 50 cent per referral for future referrals. This will free up funds you already owe to those who were getting $1 per, cut in half what you will owe future referrers, and get your reputation back, as it is crap right now.
    Another site did this and while it irritated me to no end, at least I got paid on time.
    I would rather refer 100 people to a legit program that paid ON TIME and get $50 ON TIME , than refer 50 people that wondered if they would EVER be paid and get $50 4 months down the road, if at all.

  15. Nope still waiting from dec , no payment just excuses

  16. mikenkansas Says:

    I still am waiting redeemed points on Jan 15

  17. fairytales21 Says:

    Just submitted my 3rd payment and I hope that this one works!! I did get a link for “check the status of your payment” but in was not active.. . . maybe this is a good sign?

  18. i recieved my check but no place will cash it!!!!! needless to say im a bit pissed

  19. wykyd: What reason are they giving you for not honoring the check? There is nothing unusual about them.

    Yours is the first report we have of any problems with our checks not being honored.

  20. vulcan1234 Says:

    Has anyone gotten a check from January yet? Cause I cashed out near the end of December and have yet to get crap. It’s bad enough it’s taking this long….but I don’t want to be pushed out of line either.

  21. vulcan1234 Says:

    By January…I mean if you cashed out in January.

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