Changing your registered phone number

The engineering gnomes popped up out of their warrens today long enough to exclaim “The ‘Change Registered Phone’ option is now active!”. This is our most requested feature and we are glad to be able to finally bring it to life.

To use this feature log into the web site at using your existing registered number. Then go to the ‘Personal Info’ tab and select the ‘Change Registered Phone’ link on the upper right.

You will be asked to enter your current registered number, your new registered number (twice to ensure we got it right) and then your current password. After hitting <Save Changes> the system will send you an email detailing the changes to your account.

A few things to bear in mind if you are considering changing your registered number:

  • Your login name to brring. com will change along with your registered number; you old registered, private number will no longer work.
  • Your password will not be changed, it will be retained on your new private number login.
  • The system will call your new private number to verify it. This will sound exactly like the verification call you received when you first registered with Brring.
  • Your Brring! number will remain unchanged.

Several of you discovered this feature before we had all the plumbing in place to support it. Those of you that have already requested changes to your registered number will begin receiving the verification calls this afternoon.

Remember, after changing your registered number you must use this new number to access your account; your Brring! number will stay the same.

Thanks for your support!


9 Responses to “Changing your registered phone number”

  1. I would of thought the most wanted feature was PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least is for me and all the other so called brringers that are posting all over the web about not getting paid. Maybe u should be working on PAYING people .

  2. notpaidyet Says:

    very true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. vulcan1234 Says:

    Tell the “whatever” gnomes to go away without pay and tell the accounting gnome to get out and start paying some people. All these stupid features don’t mean a thing if people don’t think they are going to get paid. Man….this website expires in May and I’ve heard of people wanting to sue (I’m not sure why but people with time on their hands do crazy things), so I hope the gnomes who control the check book get to work.

  4. Glad this was added was worried what would happened if I lost my number or moved.

  5. oppsthatpay Says:

    I am glad that this site is updating to meet the needs of its members however one important part has yet to be addressed is the fact that there is no payment schedule in place.

    I, as well as many members, have done my part in promoting this site and now I would like my compensation for it. As a previous poster stated, your domain expires soon and what does that mean for those who haven’t been paid? Do we wonder if you will run off with your gnomes to the Florida Keys and not pay us? Or will we surprised by a check waiting in the mail?

    One of the most important part of any money making site is to have a payment plan in place before even starting.

    Now, I am extremely sorry for the “rant” and I will let the little gnomes get back to work (esp. the accountants) and hopefully my long awaiting check will arrive soon.

    As always
    owner of the “” blog.

  6. Don’t waste your time sizzlingsara, these guys don’t pay their members.

  7. notpaidyet Says:

    it’s probably a brring number..mine starts with 617…he gets paid when you call him…lol

  8. notpaidyet Says:

    are we who cashed out in jan going to be paid?probably not…i won’t refer anyone else..

  9. Now they’re removing comments. Pay up you fucking gnomes

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