Bad apples

We’re not real big on rules around here, but we do understand that in the absence of rules chaos reigns. So in that spirit here are the rules for this blog:

– Comments must relate to the original post.

– Discussion of specific reward amounts are forbidden.

– Personally identifiable information is forbidden; even if it is yours.

– Links to sites whose content is ‘objectionable’ are forbidden. We define objectionable content as any content which is illegal in any U.S. jurisdiction as well as content that my Mother would find offensive. This includes links embedded in user profiles and/or user avatars.

That’s it. We invite and encourage discussion, debate and criticism (when it is constructive); that’s how we can make Brring better and more valuable to you. What we will not tolerate are personal attacks, threats and other turd slinging.

To prevent the proverbial ‘bad apples’ from ruining the fun for all of us we’ve enabled comment moderation.  It’s not a decision we are happy about because the time we spend approving comments could be spent on improving the service.

We have brains here at Brring, and we are not afraid to use them. We encourage others to do the same.


3 Responses to “Bad apples”

  1. jgeiger2006 Says:


    Comments must relate to the original post.

    To prevent the proverbial ‘bad apples’ from ruining the fun for all of us we’ve enabled comment moderation.

    So you don’t the new members to know that there is no pay schedule in place. Therefore they might not get pd for 6 months. Very creative use of your brain cells. Although you could use all of that time your wasting, while denying and approving comments, to actually pay your members. We were loyal at one point, non payment is a big turn off. But wait, it’s much more important to get cool new ringtones on the site than to actually prove your not fraud.

    Have fun denying my comment and most likely banning me from the site. 🙂

  2. vulcan1234 Says:

    So what about payments?

    You guys are moderating messages on a mostly inactive blog (most bloggers here want to get paid), playing with facebook links and ring backs and what not.

    Why still is the first priority not payment?

    Can there be some explaination?

    That’s all anybody wants.

  3. The sad truth is, they’re just waiting it out until they close down. There will be no payments. 😦

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