Login Issue

Over the past day or two, logging into the Brring! website didn’t work for people using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) web browser. We just wanted you to know that the problem has been found and fixed — everything should work as expected now. Sorry about that.


8 Responses to “Login Issue”

  1. Thank you for fixing the problem.

  2. peaceandcheese Says:

    thank you kindly.

  3. corycubed Says:

    I’m still having log in issues, I sent in a ticket but it’s been over a week and I have yet to hear a response. My brring number is 405-463-4525. The form seems to work but it says the information I am giving is invalid. I’m sure what I am submitting is good.

    I had a massive technical issue one morning that I sent in as well with that I hadn’t heard back from either. one morning I kept getting a lot of calls at once and had to turn on my phone off it was so bad. that evening I turned my phone off and it seemed to subside, but now my number doesn’t seem to work and of course I have that login issue.

    Please look into this,
    Thank you,


  4. peaceandcheese Says:

    seems like the “add number to share with firends” feature is not working. i can’t add any numbers for brring to call and announce my number.

  5. peaceandcheese Says:

    has anyone fixed that feature yet?

  6. We continue to receive occasional reports of folks having trouble logging into the site. The vast majority of these are resolved by using your PRIVATE number rather than your Brring number during the login process.

  7. sjrosas19 Says:

    you have time to answer emails sent in about website problems but you NEVER return emails regarding payments…what is the point of having a CONTACT US link if you do not return the emails send to you…..but I bet if it were an email about something that benefited you then you would quickly answer it! stop making excuses of “‘its too many of you and too little of us and we still have personal things to do…””” OH WELL DEAL WITH IT!!!!!! you should have started this BRRING website if you did not have the time….but I bet you sure have the time to SPEND the checks you recieve from the advertsisers……but no time to SEND people the money that they earned…..

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