Wow… It’s been a long quiet ‘spring’

I can’t believe it’s been a month since our last post.  According to the calendar it should be spring here in Boston but you’d never know it based on the weather.  It’s 45, cloudy and raining here today — a good day to stay in and CODE!

We have several exciting new features on the cusp of release and are making strides towards catching up on our reward payment backlog.  The lousy weather makes it easier to stay inside and work on Brring rather than being tempted to venture out and rake the yard.


One Response to “Wow… It’s been a long quiet ‘spring’”

  1. sjrosas19 Says:

    why would you start a “”business”” without having the appropiate people and/or time to send out payments…IF you had a REAL JOB would you take excuses from your boss to not give you your paycheck? no you would not!!!!! PLEASE PAY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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