Short outage today

We had a short unplanned outage today at about 4PM Eastern time.  This was due to an issue with our telco provider and was resolved within 20 minutes.  During this outage callers to your Brring! number may have received a busy signal or simply silence.

We apologize to those of you that may have missed calls as a result of this outage.


2 Responses to “Short outage today”

  1. sjrosas19 Says:

    when will payments be sent out? I requested payment in Feb. and I still have not received anything. stop making lame excuses and send out payments!!!!

  2. sjrosas19 Says:

    you have time to answer emails sent in about website problems but you NEVER return emails regarding payments…what is the point of having a CONTACT US link if you do not return the emails send to you…..but I bet if it were an email about something that benefited you then you would quickly answer it! stop making excuses of “‘its too many of you and too little of us and we still have personal things to do…””” OH WELL DEAL WITH IT!!!!!! you should have started this BRRING website if you did not have the time….but I bet you sure have the time to SPEND the checks you recieve from the advertsisers……but no time to SEND people the money that they earned…..

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