Unplanned outage – restored

We had a small problem with our database today that caused the site to be unavailable for a time. The issue has been resolved and the site is working normally.  There was no impact to call handling; all calls were processed normally.

Sorry for the interruption.


One Response to “Unplanned outage – restored”

  1. corycubed Says:

    Hello, I’ve had an outage for about a month now. After several tickets sent in, a week apartI have yet to hear anything and am really curious what’s going on.

    I’m still having log in issues, I sent in a ticket but it’s been over a week and I have yet to hear a response. My brring number is 405-463-4525. The form seems to work but it says the information I am giving is invalid. I’m sure what I am submitting is good.

    I had a massive technical issue one morning that I sent in as well with that I hadn’t heard back from either. one morning I kept getting a lot of calls at once and had to turn on my phone off it was so bad. that evening I turned my phone off and it seemed to subside, but now my number doesn’t seem to work and of course I have that login issue.

    Please look into this,
    Thank you,


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