Big Changes at Brring!

Those of you that are members of Brring have already seen this but we wanted to share it with the community as a whole. I want to emphasis a few points before jumping into the annoucement:

  • Everyone will be paid for any previously legitimately earned rewards. Let me say this again — ALL LEGITIMATELY EARNED REWARDS WILL BE PAID. Yes, we recognize that it is taking much longer than we would like, and longer than we promised but the simple mechanics of mailing hundreds of $10/$20 checks has turned out to be more daunting than originally planned.
  • We are adding significant new ringback tone functionality. Two of the new features are the ability to assign unique ringback tones to specific callers and to edit your uploaded ringbacks so that you can chose what portion of the file is heard by your callers.
  • Facebook integration. We have developed a Facebook application that will allow Facebook members to call Brring subscribers without having to dial! It also allows Brring members to access their Brring account information directly from Facebook.

We have learned, and continue to learn, a great deal about you want from the Brring service and for that we are grateful. We’ve also learned that some of our economic models needed refinement to keep Brring a healthy company. These changes are a direct result of what we have learned so far.

Please continue to let us know how we can improve the Brring experience for you! So without further ado…

We want Brring users to be the first to hear about new enhancements and changes to the Brring service.

Effective July 1, 2008, we will introduce three new changes.

1. New Ringback Functionality
2. Brring Facebook Application
3. Modified Rewards Policy

New Ringback Functionality

Brring will allow you to use multiple ringback files, instead of just one, and chose different ringbacks for different callers. We will make it easier for you to manage and rate your favorites. Brring will also allow you to upload ringbacks you create and share them with other users!

Brring Facebook Application

The Brring Facebook Application (download here; requires Facebook account) brrings all the functionality of into Facebook. Even better, it allows friends to call you right from your Facebook page! Your Brring number does not appear on the page — callers connect with a click of a button. Try it out!

New Rewards Policy

The key change in our reward policy is the elimination of call based rewards. These are the rewards that accrue each time someone calls your Brring number. Standard rewards have been $0.05 per call, with initial call rewards $1.00. We will continue to reward users who invite friends to use Brring and those who help target ads by profiling friends. Those rewards remain unchanged.

Unfortunately during our beta test we have experienced an inordinate number of people flooding the system with fraudulent calls (numbers posted on Craig’s List under false pretexts, setting up multiple accounts, etc.). By eliminating the incentive to do so, we will improve the service for everyone.

We will pay all legitimate call-based rewards, including initial call rewards, earned through June 15, 2008. You do not have to redeem rewards by this date, only earn them. Finally, we will be introducing easier ways to redeem rewards more quickly. Stay tuned for further announcements.

Thank You

Thank you for using Brring during our beta test. We appreciate your patience during our growing pains. Most importantly, thank you for helping us realize what works and doesn’t work, and for helping us shape and improve the service.


Brring, Inc.


One Response to “Big Changes at Brring!”

  1. billiam411 Says:

    One last question, so if we aren’t receiving any money for the ads, is it safe to assume that you are then profiting 100% from each ad? (minus cost for referrals and such)
    Just wanting to confirm that this is the case.
    I would still like to know what incentive I have to use this service. If you dont want to approve these comments, then could you reply to me view my wordpress account? thanks.

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