Paid Member Rewards pass $10,000

The headline says it all.  Brring has paid out over $10,000 in rewards to it’s members.

Yes, we know we aren’t processing request as quickly as you, or we, believe they should be processed.  At present we are trying to find a bank that will accept an automated feed of payments to be made.  Until then we’ll continue entering them by hand.  <sigh>


6 Responses to “Paid Member Rewards pass $10,000”

  1. cgrumley Says:

    PAYPAL use PAYPAL its quick its easy they have a business button u could have people their money in less than a week I really think you should use PayPal yes it cost a little bit of money but it’ll cost a lot less than sending out envelopes and such so PayPal is the best way to go in my eyes and most people already have PayPal accounts so try PayPal. I’d be happy. THANK YOU


  2. use PAYPAL!!!!!!


  4. trikkedaddy Says:

    Anything I can do, let me know. If you give me the details how this automatic feed works, I will do a search and see what can come up.

  5. trikkedaddy Says:

    Either PayPal or RevolutionMoneyExchange

  6. zekesgirl Says:

    i would rather wait than use paypal..i heard too many horror stories

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