Maintenance complete — all is well

The engineering gnomes successfully performed the database maintenance this morning.  All is back to normal.

For those among you that share this author’s sleep-deprived, caffeine addicted and woefully under appreciated engineering career path here is what we did today.

Brring’s systems started life based on a popular content management system.  After a few months of development we realized that it was not a good fit for the website we were building so we ditched it.  However, since we had a fair amount of data already loaded into the database we decided to keep it as-is and drop the unnecessary stuff later.  Well, it’s later.

Today we dropped a slew of unused tables from our production database.  We, of course, performed a good deal of testing on our development system before rolling this out.  The good news is that we now have a lean, mean, database schema (yes, I realize that does not rhyme) that has about 1/2 the number of tables of the original.



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