We are NOT taking a long winters’ nap…

Greetings and welcome to the New Year!  It’s been awhile since we last updated you on the goings on at Brring so with the dawning of a new year we thought it appropriate to let you know what we’ve been working on of late.

The gnomes may be hunkered down for the New England winter but they are making great use of the ‘indoor time’ (ice-induced power outages not withstanding).  The majority of our time is spent developing a entirely redesigned web site.  There are usability and graphical refinements too numerous to mention but the biggest changes are in the area of ringback tone management.  There are TONS of new features including the ability to specify which section of your uploaded track that will become your ringback tone — very slick!

We’ve also made several improvements in the back-end call handling systems.  The latest development is a ‘caller blacklist’ feature.  This tool allows you to block calls from a given phone number, cities or even entire area codes.  We can also use this functionality to block calls to all members from high-volume ‘phone-spam’ telemarketers.  We have not yet built an interface to this feature on the website but if you are being harrased by a particular caller please send an email to support (support at brring dot com) and we’ll put the block in for you.

We’ve also increased the reliability of the system with the addition of a second telco provider.  This improves our ability to complete outgoing calls if our primary provider is down or busy.

There is a plethora of other work being accomplished that contribues to the oprational robustness of the service and the managment of the business issue involved with a survice such as Brring.  They are WAY too boring to mention here but surfice it to say they are necessary for the continued and smooth operation of ‘our thing’.

<channeling Steve Jobs> One more thing…

You can follow the latest juicy Brring tidbits on Twitter.  We’ll be using Twitter to post updates on service issues, alerts to new blog postings, and other significant events from the Brring universe.

Thanks for following along!


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