New Terms of Service, No more ads!

Earlier this year, Brring! introduced several new capabilities and upgrades including:

  • The ability to assign different ringbacks to different callers
  • A public ringback exchange, where you can upload and share ringbacks with the community
  • An improved web interface for managing your account.

At that time we also announced Brring! Plus, a premium option that eliminates ads for callers and includes additional features such as selective call blocking.

In recent months it has became clear that in the current economy an ad-supported version of the service is not sustainable. Therefore, effective December 10, 2009 we will no longer offer the free, basic ad-supported version of the service (Brring! Free) and will only support Brring! Plus.

Current Brring! members that wish to retain their existing Brring! Free number must upgrade to Brring Plus. In recognition of their loyalty, we are offering existing Brring! Free account holders a 25% discount off the monthly price of $2.99. For only $2.25 a month you keep your existing account, your callers will enjoy an ad-free experience, and you will have call blocking capabilities. You can upgrade now by logging into the Brring! website and following this link (

Current Brring! members please note that if you chose to do nothing, existing Brring! Free numbers will expire on December 10.

This is not a path we wanted to take.  We believed that we could offer a compelling and useful service that was completely supported by ad revenue; we were wrong.  We are by no means the only one who made this mistake; anyone who even casually follows the business of online services is keenly aware of the number of companies that have shutdown due to the failure of a ad-supported business model.

We’re just a small group of folks, with families and mortgages, trying to build something cool and useful, who just can’t continue to fund this thing of ours out of our own pockets. Our new pricing model will allow us to continue running the service while we weather the economic storm.

We hope that you find the new ad-free Brring! useful and choose to support us so that we may continue to offer it to you.



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