Service is down

The Brring service and website are currently unavailable. We are working closely with our hosting provider to remedy the situation quickly.

Update: 2:21P
We have experienced a catastrophic hardware failure in our data center. As luck would have it, it is the only piece of equipment for which we do not have a redundant backup. We are working with our hardware vendor to get a replacement in place as quickly as possible.

Update: 9:00A
A replacement part is on it’s way to the data center (sending positive waves to UPS…). We are also transferring call traffic to our backup phone server. This process takes some time so it will work for some folks sooner than for others. The elves are on it!

Update: 1030A
Call processing: All members have been migrated to the backup server. We are still recovering the customized ringbacks tones from our backups so some callers may not yet be hearing them.

Web Site: Restoring the website was our second priority. Now that the call processing has been restored we’re off to resurrect the website. More later…


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